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Mike Pender’s Searchers – the sound of the swinging sixties  Mike is the Voice of the Searchers greatest Hits Sweets for my Sweet, Sugar & Spice Needles and Pins, Goodby my Love, When you walk in the room plus many more 

Throughout the History of popular music and in particular the ‘Swinging Sixties’ the charts have been dominated by Groups. These inevitably produced a front man, usually with a distinctive vocal style that became that Group’s signature. The Searchers were one such Sixties Group. Sweeping to fame in 1963 with their first recording ‘Sweets for my Sweet’ which was the first of three No.1 hits, followed by no less than four more chart hits. Voted second only to the Beatles in 1964, The Searchers became a household name on both sides of the Atlantic.

After the first two hits, one man emerged as the creator of The Searchers sound that was to become a legend. The man responsible for those highly distinctive vocals and that ‘Jangly’ 12-string guitar is Mike Pender. Today the sounds of the sixties are as popular as ever. Mike Pender’s Searchers still travel the UK and many continents singing, playing and creating that distinctive sound which has become a legend in popular music.

Two big hits of the sixties still heard regularly on the airwaves today, sung by Mike Pender with his trade mark 12-string guitar, are ‘Needles and Pins’ and ‘When You Walk in the Room’. Both of these songs are still particularly requested by audiences to this day.
The smash Hits

“When You Walk In The Room” 
“Sweets For My Sweet”
“Sugar And Spice”
“Don’t Throw Your Love Away”
“What Have They Done To The Rain?”
“Goodbye My Love”
“Take Me For What I’m Worth”

All were Top 20 Hits, including no less than three Number Ones. They also had huge recording success in the USA which included the memorable “Love Potion Number 9”.
Most observers considered The Searchers to be the most successful and important Group, after the Beatles, in the swinging sixties..
In 1985 MIKE PENDER left The Searchers to form his own group. His aim was, and still is to this day, to faithfully recreate the sound and feel of those Hit Recordings and at the same time introduce other material that compliments Mike’s unique voice and guitar style.

While Groups like Mike Pender’s Searchers continue to perform, Genuine 60s Music will never die! True Sons of Liverpool – a City that in the 1960s also produced The Beatles, Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Merseybeats, The Swinging Blue Jeans, Billy J. Kramer and so many more.

Mike Pender’s Searchers had another ‘HIT’ after 42 years! Released in May 2008 ‘The Very Best of The Searchers’ features the voice and guitar of Mike Pender! The  TV promoted album to number 8 in the British National Charts, giving Mike a Silver Disc, proving that 60s classic songs live forever. Mike Pender’s Searchers contains lead singer and guitarist Mike Pender formerly of The Searchers.


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