The Shiverin’ Sheiks

The Shiverin’ Sheiks

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The Shiverin’ Sheiks perform bombastic 50’s pop, Country Gospel, Dancefloor Rock n’ Roll and Doo Wop from this Glaswegian 4 piece. Unlike the current wave of bands playing rootsy sounding music the Sheiks focus on the pop song element of rocking and rolling dancing music, the renaissance men of popular song.

The band supported Glasvegas on a high profile nationwide tour introducing mainstream audiences to their sound. After this successful trip The Sheiks release their 1st single on Brewdog Records, the new venture by craft brewers Brewdog. The record label has been started to bring recognition and support to The Shiverin’ Sheiks and other underground bands with a cult following who have so far escaped mainstream notoriety.

This is a band for all occasions. If you are looking for something completely different the Shivering Sheiks are the band for you.

The bands debut album A Curious Case of The Shiverin’ Sheiks was released on Holy Smokes Records on October 25th. Recorded by George Miller, of cult beat group The Kaisers, the record features original reinterpretations of older songs. This serves as an introduction to the band’s sound and will be followed by an album of original songs early next year.


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