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Michael Angelo

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Michael Angelo has been stilt-walking, juggling and teaching circus skills around Scotland for over 25 years. A fantastic entertainer Michael is a hit wherever he goes. Once seen never forgotten

As a Stilt Walker, he has a walkabout act – meeting and greeting, mixing and mingling and generally interacting.

The Circus Workshops teach 9 circus skills and the lessons start with a demonstration from Michael and end with showing off new skills by some of the participants.

Michael the Giant Gentleman Juggler has been on a walkabout around Scotland for over 20 years. Cafés to Castles, Hotels to High Streets, Fairs to Festivals. Smart but Colourful, Cheeky but Pleasant, Tall but Perfectly Formed!!! The Height of Nonsense!

Circus Workshops
Michael’s Classes are lively and fun. Totally inclusive and everyone succeeds!These are cross body activities which can form links between the left and right sides of the brain.

Benefits :

Health and Well Being – mind body and spirit.
Co-ordination – especially eye-to-hand.
Balance – mental as well as physical.
Concentration – practice in focus and persistence.
Confidence – everyone acquires new skills.
Self-esteem – everyone gets good at something.
Patience – if-at-first-you-don’t-succeed . . .
Self-expression – showing off and performing for others.
Ambidexterity – the weaker side is developed equally.
Flexibility – bending twisting and stretching.
Improved Reflexes – muscle memory is developed and is quicker than the brain.



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