Joan Charles – Spiritualist

Joan Charles – Spiritualist

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Joan Charles has worked for over 28years in the Psychic and Spiritual arena.

During that time she has worked extensively throughout the UK in theatre and in floor shows demonstrating her skills to thousands of individuals.

Her stage shows are amazingly packed with all sorts of interesting and mysterious things like; Psychic handbag analysis, signature and doodle profiling to speaking to those loved ones who have pasted over to the spirit world.

Joan has many 1-2-1 clients from all walks of life from celebrities, professionals to the general public who come back time and again for guidance in their lives from the Tarot and from spirit as well.

She has worked with newspapers and magazines and is a regular contributor to the media on the subject of Intuition, publications include; The Scottish Sunday Post, Chat Magazine, The Drum, UP magazine and now she is a columnist for the Scottish Sun where she delivers Esoteric articles, answers letters and does Geographic hot spots which provides psychic information on each area in the Oracle on a Tuesday.

Joan is the only Clairvoyant who has taken her skills to the corporate world and worked with some of the top companies like Marriott Hotels, Scottish Equitable, Zurich Insurance and many more. Joan has been lecturing, counselling and training individuals and companies worldwide.

This subject is fairly new to the UK but has been used in America successfully for some time. Joan feels that people are catching on fast to the fact that this is a natural skill we all possess and we are now re-learning how to use it. Using her own Intuition allows her to provide advice to companies and individuals on a number of issues and ways in which they can resolved.

Across the board Joan has something to suit everyone’s need whether that be a corporate team building, motivation or coaching to public demonstrations and workshops you won’t find a more all round professional.

Psychic Show

What can you expect when you come along to an Audience with Joan Charles? Well for starters you can expect to be amazed at the psychic and spiritual information she delivers which astonish you. Then for something quite Unique Joan will be doing Psychic handbag analysis so – inside your handbag reveals who you are. Now just so you know, there is no point taking anything out because Joan will know. Then if that’s not enough she will take a look at your doodles and give you information on them too. Joan connects to the spirit world and brings forward your loved ones to give you information that you can relate to in order for you to know there is something beyond this world.

Psychic Weekends

If you are looking for something that is out of the ordinary then why not come along and explore your Psychic potential at our Psychic weekend Ran by Joan Charles as seen in the Scottish Sun. She will help you to unlock your potential and you will be amazed at what you can do by simply tapping into your own Psychic powers. She will use a number of tools to assist you on your voyage of discovery from; the Aura, Psychometry, The Tarot and some Creative tools as well. So – are you ready to take that journey into the unknown to discover your potential?

Corporate Motivation

In times of crisis companies are looking for that something extra to give them the edge and help them to move to the next level whether this is at top level, middle management or at the ground floor we all need motivation to keep us in a positive frame of mind. Joan Charles has worked in the corporate world for over 10 years and in that time she has worked with many large organisation assisting them in Motivation, Inspiration and using Intuition to help them add to the bottom line. If you are looking for a motivational speaker that links in with The Secret, Law of Attraction and Intuition then you have found what your looking for. Don’t wait until the moral of the company is so low before you resuscitate it, be ahead of the game and forward thinking enough to see the benefits to having Joan come and work her magic.

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