Magicians, Caricaturists Fake Paparazzi

Magicians, Caricaturists Fake Paparazzi

Close up Magicians, Caricaturists, Mentalist/Mind Readers, Fake Paparazzi or other interactive entertainers are great for adding a bit of buzz to your corporate event, party or special occasion.

Whether it is on arrival with a comedy Theatre group as the (fake) Paparazzi – looking for that exclusive quote – or magicians, caricaturists and mentalists entertaining through dinner we have something for you.

Magicians for parties and weddings –Booking an experienced magician for your Wedding day or Party  is a great way to add an exciting touch that guests will remember for years to come. It is also a fantastic way to entertain them in those quiet moments such as when the photos are being taken or before the evening reception. A magician performing tricks   at a table is generally referred to as close up magic or as table top/ tabletop magic.
Magic can break the ice between any friends and family who may not have met or can help fill any gaps you might have during the day too

Caricaturists for Weddings and Events.  Caricaturists are fantastic entertainment for any kind of Party, including: Weddings Birthdays, Christenings, Christmas, Engagement… and, any other kind of celebration! When you hire a Caricaturist for your party they will effortlessly mingle with your guests, drawing quick caricatures while entertaining them. Your guests will have lots of fun and something to remember your celebration by.

A Caricaturist for your Wedding is the perfect entertainment for between proceedings, during the photographs or at the wedding reception or through dinner. If you hire a Caricaturist not only will it serve as a fantastic ice-breaker for guests, it will entertain everybody and provide a great talking point. And, in addition, it will also leave your guests with a cherished memento of your special day.

Theatre Groups & Interactive entertainers
We have a range of Mix & Mingle style entertainers from Fake Paparazzi on arrival/reception,  Decrepit Butlers,  Silhouette artists and mind readers through dinner.

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