Ready Steady Rock is a sensational tribute band performing the fantastic rock anthems of the 1980’s. Book here! 80’s Rock was the pinnacle of real good, feel good high energy music…powerful, dramatic, insanely catchy and fantastically infectious.

We’ve ALL screamed “Wooooooaaahhh, We’re Half Way There … Wooooo-ooooah LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER” at the top of voice at a party, and felt the hairs on the back of our neck stand up at the first sound of, “I Got My First Real Six String ….”.Ready, Steady, Rock play hit after hit that will have you singing’, screaming’, yelling’ and crying’ out for more!

So, whether it’s leather and an Axl bandana or spandex and a couple of gallons of lacquer, Ready Steady Rock has them all for a superb nights entertainment guaranteed to have the rafters shaking like it’s 1989 all over again!

Ready Steady Rock wouldn’t be a show without the performers, and in Robert and Lisa we have found the perfect dream team, committed and devoted to keeping good LIVE music alive and dedicated to preaching the gospel of Rock!

With its feel good and catchy melodies, sweet guitars and thundering bass, it’s easy to underestimate the vocal skill required to sing good rock music.

From Bon Jovi to Axl Rose, from Heart to Roxette, the vocal performances are powerful and 100% ROCK!.


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