Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Dinners are unforgettable, enjoyable and hilarious. Whatever your family, friends or work colleagues are celebrating we guarantee a 'dead' good night out. Thousands of people have already experienced an unforgettable night with our Murder mystery. We will choose a script from our back-catalogue which best suits your event. Dress up with us or leave it to us to do the dressing up. Alternatively, you could pull out all the stops and go for the Five Star option and commission a script especially for your event - names, genre, personalities and story can all be written to suit your group, birthday person, or venue, but remember we never change the names to protect the innocent. Murders on your very own doorstep! You pick the restaurant, hotel function suite or even your own front room, and we will bring the Murder to you! A Typical Murder Mystery Dinner: Picture the scene. You meet at 8pm. A fire blazes away to your left, as you settle into a luxurious leather dining chair surrounded by the buzz of enchanting old friends chatting, and some exciting new possibilities. The dining room is a bustle of people, some strangers, some friends. You begin the small talk of how dreich has it been when when.......You are rudely interrupted by an over dressed melodramatic woman screeching through the dining room. "!" she splutters. Out the corner of your eye you notice in the doorway an excited eccentric Major, elephant gun already cocked in one hand, booming out "Murder?". Within moments the room is filled with strange and larger than life characters, bringing with them the news of a malicious murder, a violent, cold blooded death which will plunge your quiet uneventful evening into chaos. Watch as the story unfolds; betrayals, affairs, riches, love, lust, hatred, all played out before you.  



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Neil Drover - agency for live music, presenters and entertainers.

Neil Drover – agency for live music, presenters and entertainers.