Drew McAdam

Drew McAdam Mindplay  Brilliantly demonstrates the quickness of his mind with memory and mathematical tests.

AFTER DINNER ASTONISHMENT – MORE THAN JUST A “SPEAKER”: With his history (military intelligence, fire service and journalist) McAdam has a wide experience of life. Add to this his remarkable mind reading ability and you have a speaker unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

WALK-AROUND AND TABLE-HOPPING: Drew will approach individuals and small groups and perform demonstrations that include having participants think of a word, a number or a name that has some significance to them – then revealing it. He also engages in tests that involve bending stainless steel cutlery without the application of force.

CORPORATE HOSPITALITY: An ideal ice-breaker for corporate events – large or small – such as product launches.

Drew Mc Adam is thought provoking and highly entertaining. He blends his incredible abilities with gentle humour to produce a challenging, yet, relaxing experience for participants and spectators alike.

His Mind-Play abilities include: interactive illusions and mind-reading performed to an adult audience at close quarters. Drew can present a unique interactive show in any number of situations and styles, from a small private party, or after dinner entertainment to a trade show or international conference.

Stage Show:He invites audience members to the stage to assist him in a variety of demonstrations that include stopping his pulse, using body language to determine which participant is telling an untruth, and demonstrating his ability to subliminally suggest thoughts and images to another person. Typically, he will also duplicate a drawing which an audience member has made in secret. This is a show which has drawn 5-star reviews.

Private Parties: This is great entertainment in an intimate setting. Participants are involved in every level of the tests, demonstrations and experiments. They experience all the mind-boggling demonstrations up-close and personal. It’s pure entertainment with a sharp edge of amazement and astonishment that will have your guests talking about the whole experience long after the event.

You’re a very, very scary man.

Drew McAdam is one of the greatest mentalists I have ever seen, ASTONISING! UNIQUE! MESMERISING!

Drew left me speechless. What he did was remarkable.:

That thing you did with the numbers… Amazing:

I really want to thank you. That was a great thing you did.

Drew McAdam 1


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