Phil Haley and the Comments is the recreation of a total era, and not just an unnervingly and uncannily accurate portrayal of the first great star of Rock ‘n’ Roll – Bill Haley and his Comets.

Alan Paris on Tenor Sax –
The sax wails, it growls and rasps, and Alan just looks utterly “cool” with a crew type crop and shades. Rock ‘n’ Roll! Martin Savage on Double Bass – 
Creates “authentic” sounds with his trusty bass.

He dances with it; lofts it; floors it and throughout never loses a beat – the compulsive boogie and throb that underlies the music. He’s having fun and you know it!

Brian Nicholls on Drums – 
It’s staccato, it’s driving and it’s all a part of the excitement. He’s a groovy guy too.

Phil Haley on Lead Vocals & Guitar – 
It’s uncanny. He looks like Bill Haley; note for note, he sounds like Bill Haley; he plays his guitar like Bill Haley and he beams like Bill Haley – because he knows what you’ll soon know – you’re in for one heck of an entertainment. Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Honed to perfection, superbly dressed and presented and utterly professional at every level, you are simply guaranteed to reap the plaudits if you give your audience a little of this!
 It’s in an hour long show…Fantastic Entertainment!



Phil Haley and The Comments’ YouTube Videos

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